Atomas I've been getting into using hand planes, chisels, and scrapers lately for woodworking. So I thought I'd invest in a better/faster sharpening system than the fine sandpapers and glass plate I've been using. I bought myself some DMT dia-sharp stones (D8F and D8E). I got them yesterday, and the fine stone seems to work great. However the extra fine stone seems to leave deep scratches on my blades, definitely a lot deeper than the fine stone. Hello everyone! I got my hands on a cerax 1000 and rika by Suehiro and am now looking to finish my trio with a tool that will allow me to remove chips should they occur. The atoma diamond 400 was my first pick, as it can also be used to flatten stones. However I just found a local Naniwa professional 400 on sale for 40 bucks (the atoma, without a mounting plate, is 65 here - 85 with the plate). Assuming I just want to keep my three Aogami Super, shirogami 2 and some VG-10 knives sharp (which. I have done some sharpening on my Whetstones, and now it’s time to flatten them, but I have no idea where to begin, or what I actually need. I have the following: 320 grit 1k 2k 5k All Shaptons. What setup do I need in order to flatten these stones. I don’t have a massive budget, maybe £50-60/-70. I have read sand paper can be used, but also read for some stones it’s no good, also diamond stones, but I’m not sure which I would need to get. Any help or links to what I need would I've been looking around for a while and haven't found anything too interesting. Hi All, I hope this is the right place to ask something like this. Looking to get a bit more organisation in my work life and have been looking at discbound notebook systems. I like the Atoma Al rings just because I have a bit more faith in metal (and the workshop tends to lead to hard plastic items cracking sooner or later), and I'm keen to be able to punch my own pages for putting in invoices, printed blueprints, etc. I've spent a couple of hours online hunting, and can't really I saw someone who made a whetstone case and i was inspired because i travel with my stones often. Thats why i made this Its heavy as hell (12 kg) but its way more convenient and safe then putting them in their cardboard box and in a bag. I carry naniwa pros 400 1000 3000 and 5000, shapton pro 220 and 120 and shapton glass 220 (not a fan of it though) and a atoma 400 thats completely void of any diamonds but it still laps stones okay. When i cycle Hey all, Been browsing this sub for a while now and there seem to generally be two types of advice for beginners: 1 - get a King 1000/6000 and 2 - You should be able to get everything sharp with a coarse stone and a 1000. So which is it? I am debating on starting out with just a Shapton Kuromaku 1k and am undecided if I need a second stone to keep my knives sharp? If relevant, I have some Wusthof knives, some Aus10 damascus knives and some cheaper stuff to practice on. Will the 1k be suffic.